The MMORPG Experience

For the few that are not in the know, MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online-role playing game. MMORPGs are some of the most advanced, most complicated games on the internet, and probably the games with the biggest fans, as well.
MMORPGs combine concepts of role-playing and online games to create a wonderful social-gaming experience. Dungeons and Dragons is now an MMORPG, because the role-playing game was converted into an online one. Like in any role playing game, a person playing an MMORPG will choose a character. You can pick what gender, or species or profession of the character (some games have predetermined qualities you would just have to choose from). Once you have chosen all that is necessary, you would have to make decisions for your character, go on quests, fight with fellow players, etc.
Most MMORPGs are based in the fantasy world, which is where the quests and battles are held. It is this escape from mundane reality that has made these games so popular. These games are probably some of the most massive social games on the planet- World of Warcraft, one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world, has 7 million subscribers from all around the world.

It is extremely interesting that in MMORPGs, the main goal in the game is to develop the character as much as one can. One can participate in quests, or games, or battles. One can win friends, or make enemies- and all of this would lead to one’s progress in the game. High emphasis is also laid on social interaction. Most of these games have online chat systems, forums and online groups where people can interact with, and exchange experience and tips about the game with each other. In fact, MMORPGs have fostered such amazing social interaction between peers that it has become a rather popular sub-culture, on the internet and in the real world.


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