The Best Social Games

Social gaming has become a breakthrough field for a lot of developers. Each year, the quality of gameplay and graphics improves, and each year, more and more small developers make it into the business in a large way.

The quality of the industry might be improving, but there are some games that are just far better and far interesting than some others. These are the games that can be played on multiple platforms- ranging from Facebook, to iPhone apps, Android apps and Windows apps. These games also belong to a wide range of categories.

Facebook happens to be the biggest platform for social games- thanks to the fact that it provides people with easy registration. It is also easier to enjoy the “social” part of a “social game” when one already knows the people. This is the reason why most of the largest social game apps of the year turn out to be Facebook games as well. The most popular social game in 2013 was “Criminal Case”, a hidden object game from Pretty Simple. Farm based games continue to be popular in 2013, with Farm Heroes Saga making it to the list of most popular social games of the year. Match-3 games such as Bake Shop Drop, Jelly Splash and the insanely famous Candy Crush Saga also made the list.
Casino games such as Slotomania, Double Down Casino, Hit it Rich Casino also made it to the popular lists last year. Game of Thrones: Ascent and King’s Bounty: Legions are probably the most complicated games in the entire list.

Many small game companies made it to the forefront in 2013, with big social gaming companies such as Zynga having maybe one or two big hits.


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