Social Networking and Gaming

If there are two things people with Facebook accounts agree upon, one is that Facebook needs to stop changing layouts so often, and the second is that Farmville Requests are irritating. Love ’em or hate ’em, the game requests are not going to stop coming. If it not Farmville, it is going to be Candy Crush, or the newest Poker sensation from Zynga. The truth is that people love playing Facebook games, and they also love sharing these games with their friends. After all, that’s how these games got so many users, in the first place.

Gaming has always had a social component- even if you are playing on you Xbox, you are probably interacting with your team members, or your rivals. Facebook just introduced games that allowed people to pick the people they were talking to when they were gaming. Through Farmville, you could create farms, and ask your friends to help you build it. You could challenge your friend to a game of Words with Friends, and share your verbal knowledge with the rest.

The idea behind social gaming is that it allows you to interact with friends, and play with them, without even leaving your house. This is what makes the concept so attractive, after all. Most Facebook games are extremely good as well- they have really good gameplay, and some of the more interactive ones have developed amazing graphics and story line, as well. These social networking games have become a platform for a number of small design companies to showcase their designs- as a matter of fact, social game giants such as Zynga or Ubisoft have taken a back seat in the past couple of years. The more popular games are created by smaller companies.

Social networking games do not just provide entertainment to the people that use them, they are technologically beneficial, as well.


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