Is Social Gaming as Popular as it was Before

People cannot make up their mind about the popularity of social gaming. Some think that it is just as popular as before- maybe, it’s becoming more popular. Some others think that the days of social-games are long gone. So, who’s right and who’s wrong?

The people who think social games are not as popular as they used to be say so because of the fall in popularity of popular game companies- including Zynga. They also claim that people have stopped using Facebook for games, because many Facebook social games cannot be accessed on their mobile phones. Some of them also claim that it would be a particular game to become too successful, for there are just way too many games in the market nowadays.

The arguments for the fall of social gaming are relevant- except they just look at one side of the picture. Social gaming is just as strong as ever- it is based on two premises that are as old as man himself- social interaction and fun. Zynga might have stopped being the social-gaming king, but another company has taken it’s place- King. Many Facebook games that do not have a corresponding app are taking a hit, but those that do have app versions are doing just as good- maybe better. Sure, there are way too many games in the market, but that does not stop a few from becoming viral hits. The latest, borderline-crazy addiction to “Flappy Bird” is just proof of that.

The social gaming industry has grown, and it is expected to grow further. The industry was pulling in $1 billion in 2010, and it is expected to be worth $5 billion by 2015. That is not the sign of an industry that is failing.


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