Facebook Games: The Praises and Criticisms

There are a batch of people who are borderline addicted to their farms on Farmville and will not stop sending Candy Crush Life requests to their friends. On the other hand, there are people who hate these requests, and the games. Love it, or ignore it- Facebook games are huge. They are incredibly popular, and they constitute a multi -million dollar industry. So, what drives people to and away from them?

People love playing Facebook games for the same reason they love playing social games- they get to have fun, and interact with people. Playing games on Facebook gives the added advantage of an easy registration process, and the fact that the people who you’re going to be interacting with are your friends. Facebook games are rather simple to play as well. The more popular games on Facebook also have mobile apps, which makes it possible for you to play it on the go.

Facebook games have also provided the opportunity for the world of online gaming to grow. It has bought a lot of small level game developers to the forefront. The technology of small-scale games has developed by a large extent, and most of it is thanks to the popularity these games are enjoying.

However, this is not to say that all is peachy with these games. These games do spam walls- but you can correct your privacy settings to make sure that the game does not spam your friends. Half the criticism against Facebook games would vanish if that happened. The other biggest criticism is that many Facebook games do not have mobile versions, or mobile apps, and this restricts access to these games. This can be remedied by the game developing companies if they manage to get the kind of finances they need to develop games to that extent, of course.

In the end, Facebook games are certainly fun. There are tonnes of games from all genres- give them a try, if you want to. But the criticism is certainly uncalled for.


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