About Me

The story behind this blog is really not too complicated- I have been an avid social gamer since 2006. I knew from the moment I joined Facebook and started getting plagued with Zynga game requests that I want to work in this field.
I have shared a special bond with gaming all my life. I loved my Gameboy just as much as I loved playing Dungeons and Dragons with a few kids from my school. I think it’s my passion for gaming that has made me so successful in my field- I know how to design a good social game, or a table top game, because I know what kids (and adults) like to play.


A lot of people are not aware of just how important social games can be to a person’s life. Sure, it’s a multi-million dollar industry, but the industry is fuelled by people who love playing these games because it makes them feel good. And that’s what I would like to talk about- how social gaming has become such a big part of our lives, and why that’s a good thing